Project “Enhancing the Social and Economic Potential of Women and Securing the Sanctity and Safety of Survivors of Gender-Based Violence”

The project was implemented by the People for Development Organization (PDO) with the support of the Norwegian NPA and the government of the Netherlands in order to support the survivors of ISIS offensive, especially the victims of the genocide that took place in the city of Shingal in 2014. The project, which started from 2016 to the end of 2021, mainly targeted women survivors of violence at the hands of ISIS terrorist militants, and the project’s center of gravity was in Khanke camp in Dohuk. It is reported that the women of the Yazidi component were subjected to various forms of violence due to gender and religious discrimination, including rape, psychological violence and many others. Therefore, the project aims to provide psycho-social and legal support to the survivors. Within the framework of the project’s work, efforts were made to rehabilitate the survivors and return them to society. To achieve this, the project provided many activities and psychological, social, legal and economic support for 102 women. The project also carried out many activities to educate men and familiarize them with the psycho-social conditions experienced by survivors of ISIS. More than 90 women and girls who survived the violence and had been subjected to the clutches of ISIS, participated in a special program for the project that was designated to train them to develop self-future plans and develop their individual capacities in the economic fields. The project provided financial support to 25 of them to start small income projects and achieved many of them. Good successes to secure a living.