Project “ Peace Building in Society”

The People for Development Organization (PDO), with the support of the Dutch M.M Organization, implemented this project from 1/1/2020 to 31/12/2021 with the aim of developing peaceful coexistence, by working through the youth of different religious and ethnic components to build peace in society. The number of Direct beneficiaries from the project reached 50 people and 10250 indirect. The activities of the project, which was implemented in Sulaymaniyah and Tuz Khurmatu District in Salah al-Din Governorate, included the areas of long-term training, development, refinishing and changing personality. The youth were the target group for the project because they have effective influences on society to achieve long-term changes. In general, the project activities included the areas of research preparation, training, seminar management, workshops, field work, video production of peacebuilding, and many other activities. The involvement of young people in an important process such as building peace in society was a new and completely different experience for the beneficiaries of the project, especially in the conditions that the Kurdish community has experienced during the past years as a result of the undesirable political, economic and social events that have occurred. The project worked on forming a coordinating network of youth beneficiaries of the project in order to motivate the youth to cooperate and exchange views among themselves in the field of peace building, which will lead to more and more convergence to achieve the main objectives of the project. The participants in the training were divided into two groups of 25 people for each group, and they practiced their activities in a group manner with great interest in exchanging opinions and deliberating in them. of the project.