Raising the economic standard of women (IDPs and Refugees and those dwelling in Sulimani governorate) from PDO, founded by Tera Teach

This project was implemented by the People for Development Organization (PDO) with the support of the German Terra Tech organization from 1/8/2020 to 12/31/2021 with the aim of developing the economic potentials of the women of the host community, the displaced and the refugees in the governorates of Sulaymaniyah and Halabja. A team of eight members worked on the implementation of the project in the form of a contract, achieving its objectives at several levels, including; Rehabilitation, seminars, workshops, activities, receiving cases and provision of supplies. The number of beneficiaries of the project reached 1505 people in general, of whom 95 people directly benefited and obtained special sewing machines from PDO and began to practice their profession and obtain their livelihood. The project was able to open eight workshops for graduates of training courses in the separate areas of the two governorates and bear the expenses of rent and work requirements for three months, and these shops are still going on, and 46 benefiting women are able to secure their livelihood and their families through them. 200 women from the host community, displaced and refugee women participated in separate courses and were qualified to work in the fields of pastries, sweets and sewing, in addition to 1595 other women benefiting from the courses and workshops of the project.